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Intelligent energy management system for smart factories

Intelligent Energy Management System

Electrical Energy is the primary need of any industry. The uncontrolled and unwanted use of energy results in consumers having to pay heavy bills & heavy fines. To avoid such situations, one must control the use of Electrical energy in a proper way by restricting wastage of energy, improving the power factor and ensuring that the peak demand does not override sanction load.

  1. Today many renewable energy power plants like solar or wind power plants are growing. In all these power plants there is a need for measurement of generated energy to understand percentage of energy used internally and percentage of energy fed to “MAINS” grid feeder.
  2. Similarly in many commercial buildings where space is rented to offices and shops, there is requirement to measure energy for tariff purpose.
  3. With this there is a need to control energy, and to avoid wastage of energy which is going to be made compulsory for all business organizations in the coming years. Today it’s a part of many companies’ mandate to “Save Energy”.
  4. Many industries also need high quality surge free, harmonic free, stabilized power to protect high value equipment.
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Energy Measurement solution: Monitoring, Recording & Control

  • Messung helps customers to get green & clean energy.
  • Messung with its range of intelligent energy meters and energy analyzers along with PLC provides solutions for energy measurement and control with interlocks and scheduled time-based logic, using various algorithms based upon the loads and consumptions of the respective industry or infrastructure that is being controlled.
  • Messung can provide control panels as per IEC 61439 standard with PLC, SCADA & IOT based solution.
  • Messung Energy Meters are with Serial communication like Modbus, Ethernet. This enables multiple Energy meters to be easily connected to PLC in multi-drop mode. With the PLC connected to general purpose Scada or specially designed EMS software, Messung can provide customers with various data e.g. consumption of energy, department wise, machine wise or area wise. This will allow the customer to understand the tariff allocation as per the various zones in his installation, allowing him to take decisions as to how he can reduce the overall tariff paid to the energy supplier. Same data can be stored on cloud or PC Server for remote monitoring at any time anywhere.
  • Messung Smart Panels also monitor at any time peak demand & as demand approaches near sanctioned peak value, it will automatically turn off low priority loads so that the overall consumption will never cross the sanctioned load capacity.
  • For higher energy measurement, Messung can offer compact and accurate solutions with the use of Rogowski coils – no need to use bulky CTS. Rogowski coils are “clippable” by design and therefore can easily be implemented in the existing installations as they can be clipped on to existing cables without any effort.
  • Messung Smart solution in Energy Measurement ultimately helps the user to reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, and predict electrical system performance as well as optimize energy usage to reduce cost.

With IOT based solutions, one can easily access data on PC or Mobile through App; get alarms and respond quickly and effectively. Data and its analytics being provided to the consumer on an “anytime anywhere” basis are a great boon today due to the rapid advance of IOT technology which Messung intends to provide to the customer.

This smart solution is ideal for hotels, commercial buildings with rented spaces, process industries, etc.

  1. Industries: Automotive, Paper, Sugar, Water, Textile, Iron and Steel, etc.
    which are totally energy dependant and cost of goods are directly affected by cost of energy
  2. Infrastructure: hotels, hospitals, malls, railway stations, airports, etc.
  3. Real estate: residential complexes, office buildings
Integrated Cloud-Based Smart energy Management System

Energy Analysis solution: For Clean & Quality Power

  • Messung offers a wide range of Energy Analyzers, Active Harmonic Filter, Surge Protection devices. With these products, Messung can offer turnkey solution with control panel to ensure clean power & effective ‘power factor’ control.

    Messung’s Smart Panel solution can monitor Power Factor & with timely switching of Capacitor banks; maintain almost near unity power factor. It helps to save wasted energy and so customers do not have to pay heavy penalties to the Electricity boards.

  • Clean power is compulsory where high value critical equipment are used. For e.g. in Quality Control departments, laboratories, hospitals, operation theatres & data centers.

    Messung Smart Panel solution with Network analyzers can also monitor the incoming power from Grid, D G set & UPS, detecting harmonic & surges present in the incoming power. With the help of active harmonic filters & surge suppression device, user can get clean and quality power.

Programmable logic control solutions by Messung help customers to enable various interlocks and load switching protocols to not only provide clean and healthy power to the loads but also take evasive action in case of severe power “outage” and severe disturbances.

Messung IOT based solution helps the user to view on line data and alarms from web server or on mobile.

In short Messung SMART Energy Management solution can provide

  • Reductions in energy cost and other related environmental impacts, through systematic management of energy.
  • It also provides facilities for monitoring and recording of electricity energy source consumption through world class meters.
  • The data obtained from these can then be used to produce trend analysis for daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy consumption forecasts against other parameters like production and services etc.
  • Remote access to the crucial data for energy consumption in different locations & allows users to compare energy usage by equipment.