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IOT Based Power Management and Controlled Socket

Energy Management

IoT based Smart Energy Monitoring

Messung brings Janitza, the world’s leading energy management technology to India. With intelligent hardware and software, our customised solutions enable power conservation, optimise power consumption, improve quality of power. By leveraging the power of IoT, we ensure connectivity and real-time data analyses for prompt & informed decision making.

Class A power quality analyser

The UMG 512-PRO combines the latest technology with excellent functions for continuous monitoring of power quality, RCM, reporting, alarm management and voltage quality.

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  • UMG 512-PRO
Cloud Based Smart Metering Security Access and Monitoring

Modular energy measurement device

Assure yourself of our new UMG 96-PA, which combines four functions and is modularly expandable.

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  • Modular energy measurement device
Distributed Control and Optimization Technologies in Smart Grid Systems

GridVis® 7.4 power grid monitoring software

Janitza has extended the powerful GridVis® with many interesting features, such as the utilization report, configuration and management of modular measurement units as well as new tools for events and transients.

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  • GridVis® 7.4

Multifunction power analyser with RCM

The UMG 509-PRO is a multipurpose unit for integration into control panels and provides continuous monitoring of power quality, analysis of electrical interference in the event of network problems.

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  • Multifunction power analyser with RCM
Cloud Network-based Power Management Technology

All-in-one energy monitoring solution

With the UMG 801 you gain transparency about energy consumption and energy costs at all measurement levels. In addition, critical deviations in power quality as well as residual currents (RCM) can be detected.

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  • All-in-one energy monitoring solution