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Messung offers a range of innovative components for panel mounting and busbar assembly from Wohner GmbH, the globally renowned partner for energy distribution and control technology. Modular and flexible, these solutions reduce costs and provide international safety standards.

smart electrical distribution control systems


  • All-round touch-safe protected busbar system
  • Very safe, space saving and clear design
  • Mounting of the components with no tools
  • UL approved
smart electrical distribution control panel

30 Compact Busbar System

  • Compact control and distribution
  • Number of components is kept to a minimum
  • Many 60 Classic components can be used here as well
smart power distribution control systems

60 Classic

  • Wide range of busbars available even with its small dimension
  • Safe, saves space and clearly arranged in its design
  • Diverse mounting of a wide range of components
  • Many of the components comply with UL 508 requirements
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185 Power Busbar System

  • Rated current -2500 A with use of FLAT Bus bar size ranges from 30 X 10 to 120 X 10 mm
  • Suitable from 630 A to 1600 A (for outgoing power distribution)
  • Current Transformer can be integrated into transformer module 80 A to 1600 A/ 5A
  • Circuit Breaker from 630 A to 1600 A easily integrated with Adapter
  • Inline fuse switch dis-connector from 160 A – 1250 A

Electronics Components

  • Hybrid Switches
  • Hybrid Motor Starters
  • Power Supplies

Panel Accessories

  • Panel Fuse Holder
  • Panel Switch Dis-connectors
  • General Accessories