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Busbar System and IEC 61439 Standards
smart electrical distribution control systems


  • All-round touch-safe protected busbar system
  • Very safe, space saving and clear design
  • Mounting of the components with no tools
  • UL approved
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30 Compact Busbar System

  • Compact control and distribution
  • Number of components is kept to a minimum
  • Many 60 Classic components can be used here as well
smart power distribution control systems

60 Classic

  • Wide range of busbars available even with its small dimension
  • Safe, saves space and clearly arranged in its design
  • Diverse mounting of a wide range of components
  • Many of the components comply with UL 508 requirements
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185 Power Busbar System

  • Rated current -2500 A with use of FLAT Bus bar size ranges from 30 X 10 to 120 X 10 mm
  • Suitable from 630 A to 1600 A (for outgoing power distribution)
  • Current Transformer can be integrated into transformer module 80 A to 1600 A/ 5A
  • Circuit Breaker from 630 A to 1600 A easily integrated with Adapter
  • Inline fuse switch dis-connector from 160 A – 1250 A

Electronics Components

  • Hybrid Switches
  • Hybrid Motor Starters
  • Power Supplies

Panel Accessories

  • Panel Fuse Holder
  • Panel Switch Dis-connectors
  • General Accessories