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Primary Function:

  • Forward rotation
  • Reverse rotation
  • Motor protection
  • Emergency stop

Life span: 10 times longer
Time saving: Up to 75%
Space saving: Up to 75%

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  • Electronic hybrid switch for resistive loads
  • Upto 25A continuous current monitoring
  • 3 Phase switching or independent phase switching possible
  • Built-in functions for energy supply, fuse protection & switching
  • Crosslink technology for safe & easy handling
  • UL Approval
Busbar System and IEC 61439 Standards


  • Direct contact on crossboard
  • Self protection in case of short circuit with smart restart
  • Over voltage resistant upto 6 Kv
  • 3 phase input voltage range of AC 380-480V
  • Overload & over temperature protection
  • High robustness¬†
  • Minimum inrush current peaks due to electronic limitation