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Intelligent energy management system for smart factories

Intelligent Energy Management System

Electrical Energy is the primary need of any industry. By implementing proper Energy Management systems, Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis including Residual Current Monitoring, the user can greatly benefit from enhanced up-time of his machines, reduce tariff and penalties, and improve profits.

Messung offers modern Janitza products which have a wide range of applications and allow customers to implement a comprehensive installation of Class A power qualityanalysers, digital energy meters, varieties of energy measuring devices with Ethernet IP, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, M-Bus protocol interfaces as per IEC 61000-2-4.

With a world class Cloud-based Energy portal based on ISO 50001, customers can now implement a most modern Energy Management solution and tailor it with specially designed APPs and user friendly Device home pages in each energy meter to have not only an overall monitoring and controlling system but also provide localised Energy Management solutions using the EnMs apps. Alarms and push notifications including watchdog features as per EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-4 provide solutions to customers, right up to individual departments in the industry to tightly monitor the usage and quality of the power at the most local level.


Public Infrastructure

Outdoor Entertainment Park | Energy Monitoring and Allocation

Energy Monitoring and Load Monitoring at various kiosks and pavilion, Cost center management

Supplied Year: 2018/2019

Project Type: Retrofit Device

Details: 277 Nos UMG103CBM

Project Description:
Meters Integrated with third party / Gateway to Third party software

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall | Energy Cost Allocation and Monitoring

Supplied Year: 2018
Project Type: Retrofit
Project: EMS All Main Distribution Boards
Device Details: 120 Nos UMG  96PA

Supplied Year: 2018
Project Type: Retrofit
Project: EMS @ Pedestrian Bridge
Device Details: 20 Nos UMG 96PA

All meters connected in RS485 to BMS Controllers for data acquisition


Application: Oil & Gas – Storage and Pumping | Cost allocation and EN50001 Reporting
Purpose: Energy Monitoring and cost Allocation with ISO50001 Reporting
Supplied Year: 2019
Project Type: Retrofit all over the Port facility

Device Details:

  • 60 Nos UMG96PA
  • 10 Nos UMG509
  • 20 Nos Third party electricity Meters
  • GridVis Ultimate

Project Description:
Meters Integrated with third party / Gateway to Third party software

METRO – LINE stations and operations

Infrastructure | Energy Monitoring and Power Quality Monitoring

Purpose: Energy Monitoring and Cost Allocation
Supplied Year: 2019
Project Type: Metro Stations and Operational SS

Device Details :

  • 20 Nos UMG 512 – Monitoring Automatic Train Control Systems
  • 300 Nos UMG 96PA-MID – Retail Area Monitoring in 7 Metro Stations
  • 100 Nos UMG 96PA – MDB and Feeder Monitoring in 7 Stations
  • 200 Nos UMG 96S2 – SMDB Monitoring in 7 Stations
  • GridVis Ultimate (2020) – Power Quality Monitoring of ATC

All submeters meters are with RS485
Meters are MID approved for energy data security
Part nos for Submeters
UMG 96PA Meters with RS485 for feeders


Purpose: Energy Monitoring and Cost Allocation in Hotel operations – Monitoring area wise for energy management
Supplied Year: 2017
Project Type: New Project

Device Details:

  • 39 Nos UMG 96RM-E
  • Current Transformers


FOOD PACKAGING & Bio degradable film manufacturing

Purpose: Energy Monitoring and Cost Allocation per production process
Supplied Year: 2019
Project Type: Retrofit

Device Details :

  • 50 Nos UMG 103CBM
  • 5 Nos UMG 96PA
  • 2 Nos UMG 96RM-EL
  • GridVis Ultimate