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Energy management

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Messung offers the complete, customised energy management solution to help enterprises optimise power usage, improve power protection and increase productivity by reducing downtime, safety risks and electricity bills.
With our expertise in electrical engineering, and incorporating best-in-class products from Janitza andFuji Electric Consul Neowatt, we enhance productivity and the reliability of your critical electrical assets.

Energy measurement technology, made in Germany

Transform your enterprise with Janitza’s world-renowned 3-in-1 technology for Energy Management, Power Quality Analysis and Residual Current Monitoring for industry, infrastructure and critical applications.

Active Harmonic Filters

Solid state, harmonic mitigation solutions which measure harmonics in the supply line and eliminate it in real time. Ideal solution in industrial and commercial environment from the leader in power electronics market, serving India and the world.

active harmonics filter

India's Leading Online UPS System Manufacturer

The most technologically advanced, standard and customised power quality and power back-up products designed and manufactured in India. Proven to improve performance of your electrical system and the sensitive equipment in industrial, data centre and commercial applications.

India leading online ups system


India’s No 1 air-cooled and oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizers for both balanced and unbalanced loads in a range from 3 to 3500 KVA. Models for both indoor and outdoor applications and also customised products based on application requirements.

Servo voltage stabilizers in India