Messung Electrical Engineering

Energy Management | RCM | PLC


Modular energy measurement
device (MID)

  • Compact Multi-Function Power Analyzer with Multi-Colour Display
  • Measurement of Harmonics up to the 25th for Voltage and Current
  • High Accuracy: Active Energy Class 0.5S Voltage 0.2%, Current 0.2%
  • Modbus RS485
  • Oscilloscope Display for viewing Waveform
  • Optional Plug-In Modules
  • 2 RCM (Earth Leakage measurement inputs and 4th CT input)
  • Ethernet TCP/ IP, 2 RCM/ Analog input
  • Modbus TCP
  • MID Option
  • Memory 8 MB
  • Digital I/O, (3 Input/Output) and Analog I/O ( 1 Output)


  • Measurement, monitoring and checking electrical characteristics in energy distribution system
  • Recording of load profile of energy management system (e.g. ISO 50001)
  • Acquisition of the energy consumption for cost center analysis
  • Measured value transducer for building management system or PLC (Modbus)
  • As MID variants, suitable for accounting application
  • Optional module-based extension for residual and leakage current measurement
  • Near-realtime reaction for triggering counter measure
  • Permanent RCM measurement for system in permanent operation without the opportunity to switch off

Areas of Application