Messung Electrical Engineering

Energy Management System


Energy management, power quality,
residual current monitoring

Visualising, analysing, generating alerts and documenting

  • Energy management (EnMS)
    Certified according to ISO 50001. You are on the safe side when it comes to topics, such as BAFA, reduction of EEG apportionments or even the peak balancing according to the German Energy-Saving Efficiency System Ordinance (SpaEfV).
  • Transparency
    Gain an overview of consumption data and costs. Uncover increasing residual currents and overloads. Generate key performance indicators from consumption and measured data according to the provisions of ISO 50006.
  • Network analysis and evaluation
    Analyse and evaluate measured data. Functions;  statistics, line charts, pie charts, heat maps, CBEMA v curves, duration curves, tables, Sankey diagram, key performance indicators.
  • Security and alarm management
    Monitor threshold values of measured variables, consumption data, residual currents and communication. Reliable altering via e-mail and web interface.
  • Visualisation and documentation
    Create your own dashboards and overviews with a large selection of functions and graphics. Profit from the prepared reports and documentation for the topics of energy management, power quality and residual current monitoring.

Remote read out with higher level PC