Messung Electrical Engineering

Energy Management Software System


This is a logic programming feature which allows the user to use Special programming / script language to take functional decisions in his application.

By reading the energy parameters both “actual” and “calculated” and digital / analog inputs; the user can operate “output” elements to switch on and off Alarms, Valves, Lamps, Hooters etc., required for safety and functionality.

The Jasic programming feature uses the Gridvis portal to write this program in the specific UMG meter to enable the above functionality. This is possible in the devices UMG 604 / UMG 605 / UMG 509 and UMG 512 By this the user is no longer restricted to the functionalities integrated in the measurement device, but rather the device can be expanded to suit the individual’s requirements.

Special Features

  • Graphical programming supports the creation and configuration of mathematical functions and logical links
  • The devices’ own digital outputs can be set
  • Digital inputs can be easily evaluated
  • The processing and writing of registers belonging to external devices can be implemented via the Modbus
  • Free configuration of threshold value infringements, timer functions or recording of special values can be implemented
  • Programs created can be stored as files or transferred directly to the measurement device (UMG 604 / UMG 605 / UMG 509 and UMG 512 )
  • There are 7 memory spaces available, each with 128 kByte, for the saving of the programs
  • Simultaneous operation of these 7 programs possible
  • User-friendly, graphical programming
  • Free programming of the Jasic® source code by the user