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RCM 202-AB

Residual current
monitoring device

  • The RCM 202-AB is employed with current transformers connected for the measurement and monitoring of residual currents of the types A, B and B+ in TN and TT systems (grounded AC systems)
  • Residual current measurement using up to two connected current transformers (compatible with all Janitza residual current transformers)
  • Transformer connection monitoring for wire break orshort circuits per channel
  • Acquisition, evaluation and monitoring of residual currents of types A, B and B+ to IEC 62020
  • Acquisition of sinusoidal AC fault currents with frequencies of up to 20 kHz (type B+)
  • Acquisition of purely DC currents
  • Measured and extreme values memory with time stamp


  • Residual current monitoring in industrial installations
  • Computing centers
  • Hospitals
  • Standards compliant measurement to minimise DGUV V3

Areas of Application