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energy monitoring and management systems

Electrical Engineering Solutions

In its endeavour to play a significant part in the energy sector, Messung has a range of products which provides solutions for Energy Management, Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis, Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) measurements as per EN 50160 standard. With Software and IT tools as per ISO 50001, Messung enables end customers to have an IOT-based monitoring solution to measure and analyse all energy parameters, enabling them to optimise their energy utilisation and take steps to improve power quality and reduce penalties.

To provide world class Power Distribution solutions for Electrical panels, Messung has a range of world class Busbar products and accessories that are ideally suited to all varieties of electrical panels including power distribution panels and control panels.These Busbar products greatly help the panel builders to achieve IEC 61439 standard. These panels are safe and hazard-free, and provide tremendous benefits in space saving and easy assembly.

Messung has the latest PLC-based control products as per IEC 61131 standard along with HMI and Cloud-based (IOT) SCADA solutions enabling customers to continuously monitor and control their expensive electrical installations.

Messung uses their Energy Management devices, Busbar solutions and Automation products to provide comprehensive electrical and control automation solutions for applications in the domains of manufacturing, hospitality and data centres.